Get paid to read email

Get paid to read email

Defunct Their official rates range from 20c to $2.50 per message. First message arrived 6 days after I signed up. So far every message I received was a 20c one and I got credited right after clicking on hyperlink inside the message.

Active They pay 5c per message. Smallprint says that you must click URL in the message to get the credit.
They allow to pick you up to 10 topics that interest you - the list is very extensive, so you can actually find something agreeable.
Impressive! I got my first paid message from them the day I signed up!
In fact they sent me 2 ads from the same advertiser... not that I mind ;)
6 more ads arrived the next day - excellent!

Active This service pays you for receiving ads in the mail. The procedure is as follows - email contains a keycode. You can visit a special section at htmail and enter the code there - this will give you 8c. Or for 24c you can goto advertiser's website, find the Htmail button on it, click and enter your email address (the form also has feedback fields, but you don't have to fill them).
They seem to average one message per day.
Interesting contrast to spam messages - I find that when I am compensated for my time, I don't mind ads as much.

AllCommunity / YesMail
Active They only pay 3c per email, but you don't have to read the messages ;)
My application was processed within a day.
It took another week for first message to arrive.

Defunct Icameo pays you $1 for filling 1 minute survey. Surveys arrive by email.
My application was processed in 2 weeks or so, I am now waiting for paid survey to show up in my mailbox.


Updated 7 jun 2000

Defunct Unique program! Not only do they give you 5c per email received, they also offer to pay 50c per fax and $2 per telephone call!

Jun 2000 update - Program is now operational - here's the intro email they sent me.

Defunct Their rates range from 5c for "no reply needed" message to 20-50c for video clip ad to $1-10 for filling a survey. Please enter my username (daugava) in Referrer field when signing up.
Optin Active pays 5c for every email received.

Defunct This one pays you to send email with ads. Basically, you use email as usualy, but Epidemic client includes a banner ad in it. You are paid when reader clicks on the banner and, for some offers, buys something from the adveriser. Epidemic says "rates vary".
However, I wasn't able to look up the rates even after signing up as a member - hmm...
Once the Epidemic plugin is installed, the ad is inserted when you begin composing email message. It uses two 120x120 cube ads, one on top of the other.
This company coined an unorthodox term: "viral marketing". In way, it's true - these ads sort of spread like a MS Word virus :)

Defunct They provide a free mail account and pay you for the ads they send you. My first impression is that you don't actually have to read the messages.
According the their site, members start to receive messages in few weeks after signup.

Defunct Not a typical program - there's no ads to receive. You get paid for *sending* email using their freemail account. You are also paid when you refer others. The payment structure isn't clear cut - they use 'points'... You get 10 points for every sent message... and around 200 points for referring someone. I think it's roughly 25c for 1000 points. Defunct Another system where you are paid in points for sending and referring. I tried to figure out their actual payout and didn't get anywhere - it's like a puzzle.
I think this will be the last point-based program I'm gonna add to this page.

Defunct Beautiful website!
The payment structure isn't quite clear - "percentage of revenue". In fact, I am not sure you earn anything, unless you refer somebody.
Net-4-Biz Defunct Not an actual service - rather an alias for Money4Mail.
Amazing Solution Active Despite the name, this program isn't that amazing. Their website is slow and the survey (which you have to fill to receive checks) breaks when you click 'submit'.
Update - I've just read that they are in process of upgrading.
Cash4Mail Active 10c for every message received. They promise to start sending messages once they got the advertisers. Not sure if you actually have to read the msg.
At the moment it's all irrelevant, though, since the signup form on their site breaks when you try to submit it.
PaidEmail Active The site touts their sweepstakes, but doesn't say how much members are actually paid for reading email. I sent them a message to find out.
Below is the list of services I've visited, but didn't include on the main list.
This could be for number reasons, main ones being lack of cash payments
and/or payment for referrals only.
Just for the record, the following 'get paid to read email' sites seem to be defunct: