Latest Get Paid to Surf programs

Latest additions


This radio station is powered by - they offer over 100 music channels and you
get paid 25c per hour of listening. They are ads here and there, but not much more than
with regular internet radio stations.


They give you freemail account and while
you are using it, banners are shown - 5c per banner click, up to 5
clicks a day. This service might make a good combination with regular
get paid to read mail programs.
Universal Science
Unusual thing about Universal Science is that there's no software
to download. Rather, you start surfing at their site and they display
ads in a frame. It is not yet clear how much they pay.
CashBar can be downloaded immediately.
Payout is in points, in February it translated to 25c per hour.


Netflip is another one of the growing number of 'get paid to search' programs.
It had higher rates than others of it's kind - many advertiser's pay 3c per click and
some go as high as 4c.

There's a limit on how many sponsors you can visit, here's a quote from Netflip FAQ:
Remember, you can only get paid for visiting 10 paying sites each day, you
must visit each site for at least 20 seconds, and you can only get paid for
visiting the same paying website once every three days.


At 60c per hour and no limit on number of hours per month,
this may be one of the most lucrative 'get paid to surf' programs once it's
You can register now and wait for final version of the FiestaBar to
be released.


Unique program! ProcessTree allows you to sell your computer's CPU time -
let it work on a task when you are not using it and get paid!
They are currently in beta, expected launch is May 2000.
Adbar can be downloaded immediately - refreshing when other companies
make you wait weeks or even months.

Important - after you run the Bar, make sure you click on 'i' icon
in top right corner and enter your user info. It's described in
the instructions, but I skipped them and discovered this by pure chance :)