Get paid to search

Get paid to search


Netflip is another one of the growing number of 'get paid to search' programs.
It had higher rates than others of it's kind - many advertiser's pay 3c per click and
some go as high as 4c.

There's a limit on how many sponsor you can visit, here's a quote from Netflip FAQ:
Remember, you can only get paid for visiting 10 paying sites each day, you
must visit each site for at least 20 seconds, and you can only get paid for
visiting the same paying website once every three days.

One advantage NetFlip has over other programs - the money you earned are displayed on top
of every page, so there's no need to look for stat section every time you want to check
your balance.

SearchCactus pays you to use their search engine - when you click
on a search result marked with icon,
you get credited 2c.

Interesting concept. It's a search engine, where advertisers bought some keywords, so
their sites show up on top. What makes ColorStamps different though is the fact that it
pays you few cents when you visit one of the advertiser sites.
Note - I searched far and wide, and couldn't find links that pay more than 2c per visit.
Maybe this will change as they get more sponsors.

11 Apr 2000 Change - they now refer to 'colorstamps' instead of cents.
(1 stamp has monetary value of 1 cent - go figure).
Also, they no longer say how much each click pays. It seems though that most paid clicks
are 1c - you can tell a paid click from unpaid one, since it has a little orange icon on the
left side.

Here's what FAQ says: "As a Colorstamps member, you can earn up to
100 Colorstamps per day depending on your activity on our site. You will be
rewarded up to once per individual site visited per day (depending on the
site)." It looks like "one day" is the minimum, some sites may have more
restrictions - and I don't see a way to tell which ones.

This service pays you when you visit links on their portal
site. They say that you get "35% of ad revenue".
I don't think they have a referral program.