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They say that pay rates may increase with time.

I think there's no limit on hours per month you can surf.

Their PrizeBox can be downloaded right away and they allow you to install it on several computers.
It is 468x80 and stays on top of other windows. Proxies are supported - not many other ad bars can claim the same.
Another nice feature - you can see the number of referrals you have without going to their website - right click on PrizeBox frame and select 'My Account'.

In Prizebox, green bar on the right shows your activity status - when you are not surfing it slowly starts going down. Hovering mouse over the PrizeBox brings it back to 100% instantly.
Also, even though they don't say it, the 'active' status may depend on interacting with the bar. For example, I returned to IE, but the 'activity indicator' remained red - until mouse moved over PrizeBox window (note - I didn't have to click on the ad).

I think I know the reason they do this. Now and then you have to glance at the meter to make sure your bar is still active. And in doing that, you will also see the ad, which is what SurfingPrizes wants!

To summarize, even though their hourly payout isn't that high, the unlimited hours, the fact that bar remains active when you are not in web browser and up-to-minute stats make this program one of the best choices!
20c-$1 per ad Novel concept - instead of 'always on' ad bar with rotating ads, you run a special application which sits in the system tray and occasionally invites you to view the full screen ad.

You get from 20c to $1 for every ad you accept. While this could be distracting, especially while working, the potential for earning seems far higher than with ordinary 'paid to surf' programs. I wonder how they are planning to check whether you've actually watched the ad - as opposed to turning the monitor off and taking a walk to the snack machine.

Program can be used on multiple computers.

27 Apr - news from Bepaid



Surf2Web is based in Australia, but they accept members worldwide. Payout is based on percentage for revenue, according to the site, they are striving for 60c (AUS) per hour - that is, 40c US.

Their Viewbox can be downloaded immediately.
It is of "stay on top" variety, as opposed to docking ones.

One thing that sets Surf2Web apart - they say you don't have to use the web browser for Viewbox to be active. Supposedly, as long as it is visible and you're connected to the Internet, you are making money (I assume there are some checks for keyboard/mouse activity though).

Downside: their forced click thru policy.

40c They allow you to use their CashBar on several machines (unlike, say, Gotoworld, who restrict you to single computer).

Update Customer service quirk: I just visited their site and found out that I can download the CashBar - but I never got the email telling me that!
Looks like since Apr 4 download is immediately avalable for new members.

Their bar shows the time logged and money you earned in the current session - I don't know of any other program that has this feature!

You can surf up to 40 hours per month.

$1.25 This program promises $1.25 per hour of surfing with ad bar - more than double than most others!

Apr 2000 update - Their website is now working fine. Their 'Multi Purpose Bar' is supposed to be available May 1.
Crew Design also announced "get paid to read email" (3c per message) and "get paid to have startup page" (50% of generated revenue - fixed rate to be determined later).
Oh, yeah, they also mentioned "25c per hour for being offline" - that sounded intriguing, but there's no explanation how that works yet.

10 May Update: Their site is down. I suspect this one is gone for good.


$0.60 At 60c per hour and no limit on number of hours per month, this may be one of the most lucrative 'get paid to surf' programs once it's up. You can register now and wait for final version of the FiestaBar to be released.

Jun 2000 update - FiestaBar is now available for download.

$0.50 Back when I joined, I had to wait several months before I was able to download the ad bar. However, now it's instantly available to new members.

AllAdvantage pays you when you use Internet Explorer or Netscape while their ad bar is on the screen. (Opera web browser wasn't recognized). They pay 50c per hour, up to 25 hours a month. To boost your income you can also refer other people to the service (heh, what do you think I'm doing ?) When AllAdvantage bar is docked, it pushes other windows - there's no overlap.

Apr 2000 Update: just found out something that I didn't realize before - you must surf with AllAdvantage yourself to get credited for your referral's surfing.
(The next day) Actually, it's even trickier than that - look at the sample AllAdvantage stats.

One thing where AllAdvantage seems to beat most other programs is their stat page - it's detailed and up-to-date.

28 Apr 2000 - AllAdvantage makes false fraud accusations against members

55c-$1.50 Pays percentage of revenue. Quote from Feb 2000: "We think that within 6 months we will be able to reach $1.50 an hour to use our bar." Catch - they expect you to click on the banner at least twice an hour. This could allow them to pay more - they can tell their advertisers: "our users do not just put a piece of paper tape over the monitor - we know they are active, since they have to click on the ad bar".

Their software is called BlueBar (pretty good name, sounds like BlueBird).

14 April 2000 update New wording in FAQ: "projected rates are around $.75-$1.50"
BlueBar Beta is available, but it doesn't pay. The paying version is scheduled to be out April 22.

18 April - release date pushed back to Apr 30

10 May - delayed again - till May 22

ItAdsUp 20c Adbar can be downloaded immediately - refreshing when other companies make you wait weeks or even months.

Important - after you run the Bar, make sure you click on 'i' icon in top right corner and enter your user info. It's described in the instructions, but I skipped them and discovered this by pure chance :)

CashSurfers ~25c CashBar can be downloaded immediately.
Payout is in points, in February it translated to 25c per hour. Number of hours per month is unlimited (!).

They have "anti cheat device" - window pops up once an hour and you must click on it to remain onlone.

Universal Science ? Unusual thing about UniversalScience is that there's no software to download. Rather, you start surfing at their site and they display ads in a frame. It is not yet clear how much they pay.
PrizeWindow ? Sofware can be downloaded right after you sign up.
No installation required - just run the EXE.
Program docks itself in the top left window - don't think there's a way to move it.
You need to enter login/password every time you start it.
VIP Benefits 60c They say 'VIP bar will be available in few short weeks'. However, this was said in 1999 and it's still not out.
However, payout of 60c per hour sounds good :)
Making-Cash 40c Quote thru their site: ""Thanks to an innovation in the world of Internet advertising for the first time Internet users can get paid for the time they spend online."
Yep. It was their innovation alright. And I was the one who invented the wheel.



Bar is unobstrusive - doesn't take place in taskbar. The profit calculation is a little tricky, here's a quote from their website:
  • You earn cash when you are on-line and using your browser (actively surfing)
  • You earn points when you are on-line and using any application (including your browser)
Their criteria of 'active' is more strict than AllAdvantage's - when I have both bars open, AllAdvantage logs more time.
Latest version of their ad bar shows when money is actually accumulating. I think, it shows one little rectangle when you are only earning points and two rectangles when you are earning cash.

04/15/00 Update Mvalue looks at mouse clicks and keypresses to determine whether you are active. So, for example, if you are sitting and reading the messages in chat room without typing anything yourself, Mvalue will go inactive.

~20c Similar to AllAdvantage. Until recently you had to use their web browser to get paid. However, now they announced something called Mini-Portal - looks like regular ad bar. By default, the bar runs in 'always on top' mode - can overlay your applications. If you click 'maximize' button it will dock, just like AllAdvantage does.
You can use it for 40 hours a month. The payment amount is somewhat elusive - they estimate 20c an hour, but say "it's only an illustration".
The Mini-Portal loads s*l*o*w*l*y.
One advantage GotoWorld mini-portal has over AllAdvantage - when loaded it doesn't take up space in the taskbar.
Technical note - both AllAdvantage and GotoWorld seem to be affected by Intermute.

18 April update even though Gotoworld may not pay that much per hour, they log your hours dutifully, unlike, say, Spedia.

? Like ValuePay, their 'cash bar' is not immediately available for download. I was able to get it several months after I signed up.

The bar doesn't have "docking" capability - instead it floats on top of other programs.

Lucrative detail from their FAQ: "You do not have to be surfing the web to get paid". On the downside, they pay "portion of revenue", which is usually less then up-front "50c per hour". According to their calculator, you get roughly 22c per hour of surfing (then again, if money keeps adding up while you are doing other things, it could be a good deal).

Update Their adbar doesn't mind when it's overlapped by other windows- I am not sure how it affects it's 'active' status.

50c Combination of 'get paid to surf' and 'get paid to receive mail'. They pay 50c/hour for surfing (limit - 40 hours per month) and 3c per received email (seems like reading is not necessary).

? They pay 60c per 1000 ads shown, up to 15.000 ads per month (thus, $9). Site doesn't specify how often ads are rotated, so calculating cost per hour isn't trivial.
They also have a confusing 'get paid for mail program', check this out: "You only earn money when people you refer read new e-mail". Huh ?
On the bright side, the Paybar application can be downloaded right away and their ftp site is fast.

04/16/00 Update - their site claims "Now earn up to $1.25 AN HOUR, or more" - sounds enticing!

Minus - instead of username you are assigned a numeric id, which you have to use when logging into their website.

? This one features instant download. You get paid for surfing with ad bar on. They also have 'get paid for email' and even 'get paid to play games' programs.
Partial list of games they have:
  • MoneyFinder - a lot like minesweeper (though the goal of the game is exactly opposite - find instead of avoid).
  • Safari - simple arcade shooting game.
  • Tank Duel - pretty good strategic board game.
  • Sokoban - arcade game, Atari-style. In this one you actually get more ad points when you play well.
They pay in points, which are later converted to dollars - I am not yet sure what the ratio is.

04/15/00 Update Spedia monitors your system to make sure you are not trying to defraud them by using a 'get paid to sleep' utility like Allcheat, Fakesurf or Freemulah.
However, there's a bug - for example Spedia bar complained about WUSER32.EXE as being "fraudulent program", while in fact it's a Remote Access client for Microsoft SMS.

Subjective opinion - I think that Spedia has excellent programmers and web designers - their site looks great.

Apr 18 Spedia stats are behind or broken - after several days of surfing my counter seems to be stuck at "20 points".


Link to login page

50c Payout is 50c per hour. Their bar is called ProfitZone and can be downloaded right after the registration... Neatly designed website... but their their ftp site is something else. It was giving me flak for half an hour - being slow and breaking the download.

04/15/00 Update Ok, I got it working. One thing that makes Desktop Dollars less attractive than other programs is that it actually logs you off for inactivity. Other 'get paid' programs may idle, but they come back automatically when you begin surfing again. This one actually requires you to click on 'continue' button before it re-activates.

Desktop Dollars also has 'get reward to read mail' program called Dream Mail, but they don't pay you per se - instead they enter you into monthly contest to win $3000.

60c Aside from having a cool name and logo, this program pays you 60c per hour for surfing with ad bar. Download is not immediate - need to wait till notification email arrives.

? The exact payout isn't quite clear. The adverstising bar is called Harry and supposedly can be downloaded within 6-8 weeks of joining.

$1 Another ad bar service. For some reason they make you wait before you can download the bar - I've registered almost 5 months ago and they still don't let me get it! I don't see how that is helping them to beat the competition.

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Link to login page

60c 50 hours per month is maximum (which makes for potential $30 - more than any other currently active program).
Their bar ius called SurfWindow and you have to wait to be notified by email when it's ready.

Their site is more informal than most others 'get paid' ones - in fact, it's even witty.

J0.30 Program is UK-Based, but US members are accepted too. They pay J0.30 per hour, up to 25 hours.
Thought - as I was browsing this site, I realized how alike most of these programs are. It's almost as if the same person made them - just using different graphics.

UpdateThey now offer "get paid to have a start page" program.
Their adbar is still in beta - but members can sign up to test it (I am trying to figure out if you get paid while testing :)

? Getpaid4 pays you "70% of ad revenue", which translated to 48c/hour for the month of January 2000.

The following rules must be observed for Getpaid4 bar to remain active:

  • Bar must be fully visible
  • You need to move you mouse at least once a minute
  • You are expected to respond to 0.5%-5% of the ads. Note that this is the only 'get paid to surf' program that requires you to click on the ads.

Here's one feature where Getpaid4 is better than most others: "You will get paid for the time that your referrals use the GetPaid4 Bar regardless of how often you use it."
So, if you are a good salesman, but don't want to run adbar yourself, this one is for you! :)

PaidForSurf ? Like Getpaid4, they don't pay you unless you click on banners. Thanks, but no thanks.

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